Pepper Spray: Accidental harassment during a walk or an argument at a bus stop is a conflict situation that may become inflamed. If the aggressor persists, and the peaceful settlement of the matter is becoming more and more distant, it is worth having pepper spray at hand.

In self-defense courses, adepts learn that disputes should not be escalated. Deep the nerves, it is worth calming down your breathing and thoughts and settling the matter amicably. Unfortunately, sometimes your opponent becomes aggressive enough to violate your comfort zone. In an emergency, stress occurs, and in response to it, the body transfers most of its energy to the muscles, which is synonymous with the messages “runaway” or “fight.” What are you doing?

Pepper Spray for Self-defense – When Someone Crosses the Border

Pepper Spray - Defense at Your Fingertips

The contentious situation becomes so dangerous that your primal instincts slowly take over you. Concerned about your health, your mind prompts you to move away, but the attacker persists. Know that when you reach for defense gas, you must be ready to use it. The sight of a small bottle may additionally irritate your opponent, making them even more aggressive. Don’t hesitate to use your defense tool. This way, you’ll have enough time to flee or effectively scare away the aggressor, in a stream of tears, with an irritating cough and the worst runny nose in life, will lose the desire to make further harassment. However, it is worth learning more about and how to use pepper spray to succeed in the plan. Which pepper spray should you choose? Read our guide as it concerns your safety!

How Does Pepper Spray Work?

The substance in the container irritates the mucous membranes, eyes, and mouth, allowing you to get away from the confused attacker. What exactly happens after a splash in the face?

Reactions to Pepper Spray:




The effects of the defensive gas are very severe and effectively discourage the attacker from further attack. If the conflict occurs outside and the opponent is treated with a mixture, he will have a problem with mitigating its effects. An instinct to rub your eyes will do extra damage. The lack of access to water or other neutralizing substances will make it impossible to quickly get rid of the irritating mixture from the face and hands. The best solution to neutralize the effects of pepper spray is decontamination wipes – but nobody keeps them in their pockets every day!

Types of Pepper Spray

The substances inside the container can come out of the container in various forms.

There are 4 basic types of defense gases:

Cloud / Cone




Pepper Spray for Handbags and More

You already know what reactions pepper spray causes and what its types are. It is worth noting that the defense gas is placed in containers of various sizes and shapes. The most classic “packaging” is an aluminum can, slightly larger than lipstick. Small dimensions allow easy carrying in a purse or jacket.

Some models look like lipstick or deodorant. Pepper spray for the handbag, because it is a solution dedicated to women, will not be noticeable. “Lipstick” with an irritating spray is inconspicuous and aesthetic, and at the same time very effective in the event of an attack by a human or animal.

There are also dedicated solutions on the market, incl: law enforcement or security agencies.

Most often, these are large-capacity bottles that you cannot discreetly hide in your purse or jacket. You can watch videos on the web in which law enforcement uses their interventions or riots. Some people transport gas in their cars or store at work, e.g., jewelers or currency exchange office workers in the event of a robbery.

Another type of inconspicuous pepper spray is key rings. The small vial contains an irritating liquid that will give you time to escape. For enthusiasts of outdoor activities, defensive gas for animals will be helpful. It can be attached to your hand (just like a smartphone ), so it does not interfere with your activities. It is always nearby, which allows you to react quickly in the event of an attack by a dog or other animal.

The Range of Pepper Spray

It is best to look for coverage information on the container. Impact on the radius of destruction is the mix, the pressure in the can, and weather conditions. It is assumed that the effective area of the pepper spray is 3 to 5 meters. It is worth noting that there are substances on the market that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The range of gas operation may depend on the environment and prevailing weather conditions. Remember that a cloud launched against the wind can be dangerous for you. What to do to avoid this situation? The action of the irritating mixture is best tested in practice. Familiarize yourself with the handling of the can and the behavior of the substance it contains; it is necessary knowledge so as not to hurt yourself. You may never need to use pepper spray, but when that day comes, it’s worth knowing how to spray it effectively. Remember that in emergencies there, is no time to read the instructions.

First Aid – Pepper Spray Neutralizer

How to react to the effects of gas when you are treated with it yourself, or the event happens by accident? You know how the mixture works and what parts of the body it irritates. Don’t panic; first of all, don’t rub your face and eyes; this will only make things worse. Wash hands and face with cold water. If possible, wash your eyes, nose, and cheeks with milk or wipe them with a neutralizing tissue. If you use lenses, you must remove them. In a stressful situation for you, you can react very differently. Only calm and focused on the task at hand will you get rid of the irritating substance. Alternatively, you will tell the person who wants to help you what to do.

Defense Gas With a Dye

Various types of gases can be found on the market. Some of them are enriched with additional substances that help to get rid of the aggressor more effectively. Dyes that are visible under UV light are added to some products. If you have been mugged and used your self-defense tool during the struggle, please tell us about its properties when the police arrive. This should help the services prove guilt when the captured attacker denies his actions.

How Strong Is Pepper Spray?

The Scoville scale (SHU) is used to test the sharpness level of the mixture. Sweet peppers have a SHU of 0, which means they are not spicy at all. Pepper Jalapeno has SHU = 8.000 = 50.000 cayenne pepper and pepper spray 3,000,000 SHU!

It is worth mentioning Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) – is an oleoresin that contains an irritating substance – capsaicin. Moreover, Major Capsaicinoids (MC) are mainly capsaicinoids, and their content influences the sharpness of the blend. Information on the concentration of these ingredients can be found on the packaging.

You can come across the following pepper spray ingredients:

Defensive gas for animals differs in the concentration of MC from those used on humans. In the former option, substances with MC are used at the level of 0.35% to 0.5%, and in the latter, 0.5% to 1.5% of MC. The maximum permissible concentration is 2% MC, which is found in mixtures used to repel bears.

Final Word

Pepper spray is a useful self-defense tool. It is effective, quickly deals with the aggressor, and allows you to move away from the threat safely. It is worth remembering that a substance exists in four different forms. You should become familiar with how to handle the container before the emergence of a hazardous situation. Because when this happens, there is no time to read the instructions. It’s also good to know what to expect when you press the button and under what circumstances it will be safe for you (always watch out for the wind).

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